Friday, July 17, 2020

What is a quiz website and how to create a quiz website?

Hello Friends, today I am going to tell you to step by step about what is a quiz website and how to create a quiz website.
 How To Create A Quiz Website on Blogger

Everyone is always searching on Google, some for entertainment, some for news, some for study and to find a solution to their problem. In this situation, the demand for websites has increased and one of them is a quiz website. It has become an employment opportunity for some people and many people are making money by making quiz websites.

Today I will tell you more about creating a quiz website
I will tell you the full details about the process. Let's start with how to make a quiz website.

There are very few people who run a quiz site on Blogger, so some new people have to create a quiz site, then they are not aware of it.

If you too want to make a quiz site on Blogger and want to earn money, then you are reading the right post, it is very easy to create a quiz site, just you have to follow the method given below correctly.

First of all, you have to create a site on, you should name your quiz site according to yourself. Because here you have to generate a quiz from the "Google Forms" site and paste the embed code in the Blogger site. You must already have a blog on Blogger. If not a blog, create a blog first.

What is a quiz website and how to create a quiz website?

What is a quiz website?

Well, friends, I have already told you how you can create your own free website. If you have not read it, you can read it from here.

How to create a website/blog?

Friends, anyone can create and publish their own website on the Internet and share their thoughts and knowledge with the world, the same applies to the quiz website.

When a student completes the entire course of their studies, they have to take a quiz website to find many questions, they search for a quiz related to that topic on search engines (Google) to increase their knowledge. And the websites they visit are quiz websites specifically created to answer questions. In easy language, the question and answer websites are called quiz websites.

How to make a quiz website?

Now you must have understood what is a quiz website and now I will tell you how to make a quiz website? I will answer this question with a few steps so that you get an easy understanding of it.

  • Step 1:
First, open the browser of your smartphone or computer/laptop and search for "Google Form".
Create a quiz website through Google Forms.

  • Step 2:
Now click on the first result which will appear from "Google Form" (
Quiz website by Google.

  • Step 3:
Now click on Go to a google form.

  • Step 4:
When Google Form opens, go to "Template Gallery".

  • Step 5:
Scroll down and choose the "Empty Quiz" form in Education.

  • Step 6:
On selecting the form, a new window will open where you have to put the quiz.

Put your quiz name in the title like my quiz name is "Computer Quiz Hindi 2020". After this, the first question has to be filled.

If you want to write something about quizzes, you can write under the title in the description. Select the checkbox on how to fill the options.

  • 6.1. After this, you will already get two options, so you can add any number of options by clicking "Add Options".
  • 6.2. As needed and click on the checkbox below.
  • рем.3. As soon as you click on the checkbox, another window will open from where you fill in the correct answer and also fill in the question mark so that it is known how many marks this question is and one is done.

Quiz Website Pros and Cons.

  • 6.4. If you want to add more questions, you can add a new question by clicking on the '+' symbol seen below and the same process has to be repeated in it.
  • Step 7:
When all the questions have been written, then press the 'Send' button, from which you will get 3 options, in which choose the third option and set its width and height and then copy the code by clicking Copy.

  • Step 8:
After doing this, go to your blog, select the post and go to the HTML of the post and paste the code in the place where you want to put the quiz.
Your quiz website will be ready.

Now whenever someone goes into the quiz and submits it, a new window will open.

Then when he clicks on the view score, he will get complete information -
How many marks did they get?
What questions are right for him
What questions have they given the wrong answers and what is their correct answer.

How to make money from the quiz website?

You will know that every website earns money through Adsense, by creating a quiz site, you can earn money by applying Adsense code.

If you do not know anything about AdSense, then you can read this post of ours.

How to make money with Adsense

Without Adsense, you can earn money from affiliate marketing on a quiz website.

You have to pest the affiliate marketing program code on your quiz websites.

Guys, I hope you all liked our post. If there is nothing left about what is a quiz website and how to create a quiz website, you can definitely comment and I will resolve your questions with your consent.