Monday, February 3, 2020

How to start affiliate marketing

By the way, there are many ways to earn money online from your blog. Such as Advertising, Paid review, etc. But affiliate marketing is different from these and it is possible to earn the most from it. Every blogger is now using Affiliate marketing to increase their online earnings.
How to start affiliate marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing and how it works? You will have many doubts about how to earn money from affiliate marketing and how to start affiliate marketing, which we will clear in this post today.

What is Affiliate Marketing, how to make money from it?

Nowadays the number of smartphones is increasing day by day, and the cost of internet data is decreasing. With which new dimensions of earning money are being opened in the online world. In all these, the e-commerce business is a very fast-growing market and this is why the CEO of Amazon has become the world's, number-1 rich man. All e-commerce companies are offering affiliate marketing which will benefit them as well as us. If you are a blogger, you can make more money from advertising and paid review with the help of Affiliate Marketing.

In this post, we will learn about these things: -

  • What is Affiliate Marketing?
  • How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?
  • Additional information about affiliate marketing
  • How to start affiliate marketing?

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a method of marketing whereby someone promotes a product from another company or organization through one of their sources, such as a blog or website. In return, that company or organization gives some commission to that person. The commission may vary according to different products. This commission can be a percentage of sales or a certain amount.
How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

When a company or organization wants to promote its product, then it offers an Affiliate Program. And when a blog or website owner wants to earn money by joining their program, then they first join the affiliate of that company or organization's website, then they choose the product according to their blog niche and generate banner ad link or link to the product Get it done and then promote that product in your blog or website. When a visitor clicks on that link, visits the website of that Affiliate program company and buys a product from there or signs up for a service, according to the company's T&C, that blogger gets a commission by that company.

Extra information about Affiliate Marketing

  • Affiliates: Affiliates are called individuals who join an affiliate program, promote their products on their blog or website, sell them.
  • Affiliate Marketplace: These are companies that offer Affiliate Program in different categories, they are called Affiliate Marketplace.
  • Affiliate ID: This is a unique ID that is obtained when anyone signs up. Each Affiliate is given a unique ID by Affiliate Programs, which helps in collecting sales information.
  • Affiliate Link: The link which is provided to us by the company running the Affiliate Program, it is called an Affiliate link. This allows us to track the visitors who have reached that webpage. We have to put this link in our blog.
  • Commission: We pay money per product selling from the company running an Affiliate program. This money is some percentage of the price of that product like 2%, 5%, 10%, etc.
  • Link Clocking: The link given to us by the affiliate program company is very large, which makes the link long enough for us to share it in social media, so in that case, we use link shortener and this is called Link Clocking.
  • Affiliate Manager: If you are new to Affiliate marketing and you are facing any problem, then you can contact the Affiliate Manager to be set up by that Affiliate Program company, especially for our help only. They are used to solve our problems.
  • Payment Mode: This is the process through which we get our commission money. All Affiliates offer different and maximum payment modes to increase their sales. Like- Paytm, Bank Check, Paypal, etc.
  • Payment Threshold: The target of some minimum sales for payment to Affiliates is decided by the Affiliate Program Company, only after completing it, the payment of money is made. And this target is called a payment threshold.

How to start affiliate marketing?

Now the biggest question is how to do Affiliate Marketing. To do Affiliate Marketing, first, you need to join the Affiliate Program like Amazon Affiliate Marketing, Flipkart Affiliate Marketing, Hosting Affiliate Marketing,. After joining Affiliate Marketing their product has to be promoted.

Ways to promote affiliate marketing.

If you promote affiliate marketing in the manner given below, then you will have more income, this is my guarantee.

  • Affiliate Marketing With Blogging

It is the best option for affiliate marketing. Many bloggers make money from Affiliate Marketing. You can also start Affiliate Marketing by creating your own personal or privet blog.

  • Affiliate Marketing from Youtube

This is the second-best way to promote affiliate marketing, as today's logo spends more time on YouTube after blogging. Where you get instant traffic, you can promote your product.

  • Affiliate marketing from Facebook page and group

People who do not have YouTube and blogs: People can use this method to spend more time on Facebook. You can promote Affiliate Marketing by creating your Facebook page and Facebook group. On Facebook, you can promote Affiliate Marketing programs link or product with your friends.

  • Affiliate marketing from WhatsApp

In today's era, everyone does online shopping using a smartphone, create a Whatsapp group of people who like to do online shopping and share affiliate links in that group.

Here are some important ways to tell you, but there are many other ways Twitter, Telegram, Email by which you can share your affiliate links and earn a lot of money.

 Important things about the affiliate marketing program?

  • Affiliate links and Google AdSense can be used simultaneously.
  • Anyone can join the affiliate program. The affiliate program is absolutely free.
  • You need a website for the affiliate program. You can make more income from the affiliate program by using the website.
  • Money earned from affiliate marketing can be transferred to your bank account.
  • In the affiliate program, you get a percentage commission on the product only when you sell the product.
  • You can search the Internet to find affiliate programs such as Amazon Affiliate Program, Flipkart Affiliate Program, Hosting Affiliate Program, etc.

Today thousands of people are earning millions of rupees through affiliate marketing. This is a work in which we do not spend any money and earning is good. How much your earning will be in affiliate marketing depends on the number of products your sales. The more products you sell, the higher your earnings will be. Here we are telling you questions related to affiliate marketing and their answers

When we join the affiliate program, even then, there is some doubt in our mind that how will it be earning, how much money will be received, etc. Here we are trying to answer similar questions to you.

1. Can Affiliate Marketing and Ad Network (Adsense) be used on the same website?

Answer: Yes, we can use both Affiliate marketing and Adsense simultaneously on the same website. Nowhere in their terms and conditions is written that you cannot promote another marketing company. If you can handle them together, you can use them to increase your earnings. According to your visitors, you can place ads so that visitors do not have any problem and your earnings are also good. Therefore their adjustment is necessary.

2. Is it necessary to have a blog or website for Affiliate Marketing?

Answer. NOT, The company gives you money to sell the product, whether you do it by social media or by the search engine, it does not matter. Yes, it is so important that when you do affiliate marketing through a website or blog, here you can increase your Sells by ranking your website by SEO. But in social media, you cannot do this because there are very few people who are interested in your product and if you have a good following on social media, or you have a good knowledge of SMO, then there are many chances for you in social media too. That you can easily sell the product.

3. Is there any course to join Affiliate Marketing?

Answer: You can do this even if you have a little knowledge of affiliate marketing. In this, you have to do marketing, you have to sell goods, in this, you have to make your grip to maximum people. The more users (visitors) you have, the more you will be able to sell. If you feel that Affiliate marketing is a bit difficult for you, then you will find many books, pdf, tips (free or pads) on the Internet that can make you an Affiliate Master, which will clear all the questions of Affiliate marketing.

4. Which companies or Organizations Affiliate Programs offer?

Answer: In recent times, almost all big companies are running Affiliate programs. However, join their program only with their full knowledge. And read their conditions, then decide which company to join. You will get complete information about these companies on the Internet so that you can easily find a good affiliate program for yourself by reading all their terms and policies.

5. How much money can we earn from Affiliate Marketing?

Answer: There is no limit. It depends on you how many products you can sell. The more goods you sell, the more commission you will receive. If you can sell 100-500 or more daily, then it would be better to open a small startup of your own, which will reduce your earnings a little, but if this is an ideal success, then you will not need to look back later.

If you know the nuances of marketing, you can easily earn a lot of money through Affiliate marketing. This is a business in which we will not incur any loss and we also get benefit very soon.


Friends I hope, all doubts about your How to start affiliate marketing must have cleared. If you are a blogger, then you can increase your earning by joining an affiliate program. I affiliate myself and you will not believe that my highest earning is from this and today every blogger is moving towards it because both our and affiliate companies have a lot of benefits in this.

Friends, even after telling all this, if I have missed somewhere or there is no doubt clear, then you can ask us by commenting. We will be happy to answer your comments.