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How To Choose The Best Web Hosting For Your Needs

How To Choose The Best Web Hosting For Your Needs - 8 Types Of Hosting Explain

How To Choose The Best Web Hosting For Your Needs - 8 Types

there are so many different types of web

hosting accounts to choose from and it

could get a little confusing and a

little overwhelming to keep tabs and to

understand the different types of

hosting so that you could choose the

right hosting for your situation and for

your needs and that's the purpose of

this Post is for it to help you be able

to choose the right web hosting for you

hi my name is Adam from WP crafter comer

I make WordPress tutorial videos for non

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okay so we're gonna jump into this video

it's gonna be more presentation style

like this so let's just go ahead and get

started first I want you to know what to

expect in this video number one this

video is gonna help you choose the right

hosting for you whether you just want

one website multiple website ecommerce

website online learning course website

you're a web developer and you're

hosting websites for clients that's what

this video is for to help you choose the

best web hosting package for you and for

your needs

now it's also going to be very helpful

to identify what other types of hosting

are out there and what you should be

looking for when deciding what host is

for you so you can know when it's time

to change web hosting providers because

we all start someplace but then we might

need to make changes as time goes on and

so I'm gonna help you identify those now

you might be surprised but this video is

not gonna be me making recommendations

saying go to this host and get service

there or this host that's not what this

videos for this video is for explaining

the different types of hosting that are

out there so that you know what type of

service to pursue for your needs okay

and but if you are interested in

recommendations my website that I have

all those at is order new hosting


I have a lot of information there on the

different types of hosting that we're

going to talk about in this video

different top tier companies that

provide services reviews for those

companies I've got it all right there

and I've got something

that I've recently added there and

uptime monitor page so most of these

hosts I have a website on I'm doing

real-time monitoring to see the uptime

every minute and to test the load time

and I'm making this I'm paying for this

and I'm making this available to whoever

visits order new hosting comm they'll be

able to view this page or you could just

go to my website WP crafter and click on

hosting both take you to the same exact

place now surprisingly I don't think you

should put all the weight in your

decision based upon that uptime monitor

page it is nice I've got it right here

this is what it looks like and you can

see the name of the company you can see

their uptime over the past seven days

but you shouldn't put all of your

decision in what you see there because

this is really just showing you the

uptime for the one server that has my

one website on that one service so a lot

of these companies have thousands of

servers that they're managing all this

is going to show you is the uptime of

one and it could be something related to

a wordpress update or something along

those lines that cause a little bit of

downtime it is actually very normal

obviously we all want 100% uptime that's

the goal and the hosts want to provide

that I'm just saying that one person's

experience might not mirror someone

else's and there's other things to

consider and look for when choosing a

web host but I did want to make this

uptime monitor available for you and for

the people that visit my web site so we

have a big problem when it comes to

hosting and it usually boils down to

expectations right so we all want the

Ferrari right we want the nice fast

beautiful car or maybe if you're not a

Ferrari person like me you might like a

convertible luxurious Bentley and that's

kind of what we all want that's what

we're expecting but we don't all have

the budget for that we might just have

the budget for a Toyota now there's

nothing wrong with Toyota's I've been

driving Toyota's of for years but the


I get with the Toyota versus the

experience in a Ferrari are obviously

going to be different the price tag is

different the handling is different the

interiors different every aspect of

these two experiences are going to be

different and that is a lot of how

hosting is we want the Ferrari but we

might only have the budget for the

Toyota and that's okay but you just want

to go in with the right expectations and

that's why you can see one hosting

package costs five dollars per month and

one hosting package cost $500 per month

there's this difference but there is

something that you get that's different

depending on what you pay just like

whether you're buying a Toyota or a

Ferrari I personally wouldn't want a

Ferrari I prefer a Bentley but who are

we kidding I'm probably never going to

drive a Bentley anyways so I broken down

to the four criteria that you should use

when deciding and evaluating various

hosts and I like to call this and I

coined this term I didn't get it from

anywhere else is the flores's of hosting

okay so the first s is speed so

depending on the plan that you choose

and the companies you want to be looking

for how fast is your website going to

load so that's the first one's speed the

next one is support are you gonna get

support not just my websites down can

you help me but support like I don't

know what happened to my WordPress

password I can't login can you maybe fix

that for me or I'm trying to update this

plug-in it's not working can you fix

this for me WordPress specific support

okay so the different supports you get

and I think support is actually one of

the most important experiences that you

want to evaluate when choosing a web

host as the support experience that

you're going to get the level of help

you're going to get and do they have a

wordpress expertise next is security are

the connote number one include a free

ssl certificate that's a must

nowadays there are some hosts that still

don't do this a lot of them have been

getting on the bandwagon but security

goes a lot further than

that another site of security is are

they taking proactive measures to

prevent and block brute-force attacks on

your website scanning for

vulnerabilities on your website things

like that that is what I'm talking about

when I'm referring to security also side

note with that not all web hosts and

this is a big pain point point for

people is if you have an outdated

plug-in on your website your website

gets a vulnerability gets hacked into

and now you've got all this junk on your

website is your website host gonna clear

that out for you and most web hosts

actually don't but there are certain

ones that you do pay more for that are

more than happy to clean your website

out for you and next comes specialty and

what this is is thus the web host

provide any specific features for

WordPress users and so specialty would

be a staging area and what that means is

instead of just updating your website

and then later finding out there's a

problem that you can login click a

button one button and it'll create this

separate instance of your website where

you can go and test different things

test different design things update

plugins and see if it causes any

problems this kind of staging area so

that's a perfect example of a specialty

another specialty is some form of

caching and that's a speed optimization

do they have some of these WordPress

specific specialties some of the hosts

will update your website for you they'll

do all of these different things so

that's one of the things you want to

evaluate when choosing a web host for

you so ok now we're gonna get to it

there are eight different categories of

hosting some of these are closely

related but you can easily break them

down into eight different categories

this is something else that I came up

with when looking at all of the

different types of hosting to organize

it this way and the way that makes the

most sense so you're gonna have your

first type of hosting which is basic

shared hosting this is the hosting that

a lot of us will start out with our

first website on I sure know that I did

with basic shared hosting there

isn't much by way of special features on

it for WordPress users most of them do

not have specific WordPress related

support so you're not going to them and

asking them to reset your WordPress

password and it's just your basic shared

hosting and this is the most affordable

type of hosting we all start here but

eventually we try to move on beyond here

next is two different types of managed

WordPress hosting okay so some of them

have something called cPanel and it's a

control panel that allows you to install

your websites it allows you to create

email account to access the file system

and do all kinds of stuff like that that

you may want to do to make it easier to

manage all of your different websites

that you have so there's a cPanel based

managed WordPress hosting you pay just a

little bit more for this type of hosting

but it tends to be a more stable and a

more smooth experience plus because it's

managed WordPress they're usually going

to have some way of updating your

plug-ins and themes for you and some

additional features like staging

environments and stuff like that so

that's going to be your cPanel now

there's the custom managed WordPress

hosting providers and what they've done

is for optimal performance they have

done away with this industry standard

cPanel and have said created their own

custom control panel now one of the

things when it's a managed WordPress

hosting that has their custom panel just

about every single time they do not

include email hosting so if you want to

also have your web host have your email

and I'll have a separate video on why

you would or would not want to do that

this category of managed WordPress

hosting providers that's just not an

option and it's simple you usually would

just use Google Apps or some kind of

third-party service for your email

hosting but those usually give you the

most phenomenal type of speed and

specialty out of all of the different

web hosts for word

press but they also have a different

billing method usually and they charge

you you choose a plan and you get a

certain amount of visits unique visitors

to your website in a month if you go

over that you might get bumped up to the

next package or you might get charged

some kind of a surcharge fee and so

that's going to be typical when you have

managed WordPress hosting with their

custom control panel like I said if you

visit order new I have it

all kind of broken down there the

different companies that have these

different types of services so it all

makes sense now there's a new type of

hosting that I've seen and there's only

one or two hosting providers that have

this type of service right now and it's

called managed WooCommerce hosting it's

going to be a lot like managed WordPress

hosting but the environment has been

optimized for WooCommerce ecommerce

shops and they usually come included

with some services that are outside of

WordPress that make running an

e-commerce shop that much easier that

much smoother and that much more

efficient and strategic like I said this

is a newer type of hosting that you are

not seeing everywhere just yet it might

catch on who knows but it's something

that is going around right now next you

would have reseller hosting so what

reseller hosting typically is is it's

just like basic shared hosting but it

allows you to create these separate

containers of web hosting accounts that

you can use for individual clients so

obviously you can have any any type of

hosting plan that allows you to have

more than one web web website hosted on

it and you could put a client's website

on it but the only thing is is if you

have your personal website and your

clients website you're not going to want

to give your client an actual login

because now they can access your stuff

so that's what reseller hosting is for

so typically you find this with cPanel

based hosting and what it does is it

allows you to create unique individual

cPanel account so you can have all of

your clients websites and email

accounts separate from each other and it

allows you to create these cPanel

accounts you pay one fee and you get a

certain amount of resources and then you

would just allocate them to each one of

your clients this is great if you're a

web agency and you want to keep all your

clients separate but like I said you can

turn any web hosting account into a

reseller account really as long as your

client doesn't need to actually log into

the account in order to manage or

maintain anything not only that but they

won't ask you for the login that's going

to be uncomfortable if you do have them

on your hosting account and then they

ask for the login and you're like sorry

you're not getting this next is cloud

hosting and cloud hosting has been going

on for a while now cloud hosting is not

for the faint at heart it's literally

just imagine a Linux server everything

has to be done with the terminal command

line typing in commands and there's no

control panel there's no support there's

none of that available to you now in

this instance I'll mention a few names

of companies there's digital ocean

there's Linode there is vulture you're

literally just buying this dedicated

container of resources there's no

control panel or anything to manage it

and if you have a problem you are

completely 100% on your own it's not for

most people but if you would consider

yourself a Linux system administrator or

know enough to get by on the command

line terminal SSH and all of that guys

you know I can actually do that and I've

had my own cloud hosting before and I

could do it just fine but it gave me

anxiety because I knew I knew enough to

get my website going but I didn't know

enough to solve problems if those

problems came up so even me even though

I have the ability to have a cloud

hosting I chose not to now cloud hosting

is gonna get you the best performance at

the lowest the price it is insane what

you could do with cloud hosting but

thank goodness there's something called

managed cloud hosting

and there this is a new category as well

so essentially what they're doing is

they're taking those cloud hosting

servers and they you would instead order

it through the managed cloud hosting

provider and they will provide you a

control panel to make it really easy to

install WordPress and they're also going

to provide some some of them also

provide support so you can ask for help

if there's a problem with your server

problem with your website anything like

that you get the help but the only thing

is you're paying almost double twice the

cost of just going and getting that

cloud server yourself I will say that I

have used there's a really the big dog

is cloud ways they're the main company

that are pioneering this managed cloud

hosting type of hosting and I've used

them below before and they are fantastic

I have a full tutorial and review coming

out on cloud weighs the pros and cons of

cloud ways but that's not what this

video is about okay then you have VPS is

Virtual Private servers and this is

actually going to be very similar to

what you would get with the cloud

hosting except think of cloud hosting

but with a cPanel control panel that you

can have to make it easy to add email

accounts and have multiple websites and

all of that but you're getting some

dedicated resources and you're paying

more for it obviously and you can also

use a VPS most of the time if it comes

with something called WH M it allows you

to create those separate cPanel accounts

if you wanted to also use it for

reselling now most VPS services that

does come with support so you can go and

ask for help if you run into any trouble

and lastly we've already made it through

seven the last one it's just a dedicated

server so you go to the hosting company

and they have full dedicated servers so

the entire machine 100% of its resources

are for you now you can get these with

the operating system on it or it could

just be Linux you can terminal and SSH n

or they can have cPanel or whm on

and then you can use that just like you

would use the virtual private server

except you have more resources and those

resources are dedicated to you so this

is going to be your dedicated server so

most of us actually are going to end up

starting using basic shared hosting and

then move up to manage WordPress hosting

and then there's that decision of going

with the ones with cPanel or the ones

that have their custom control panel but

you have that kind of a metered

experience where you might have to pay

more depending on how many people

actually visited your website that

particular month and then you might move

up from there

on to manage cloud hosting and I have

managed cloud hosting right now because

I need tip top peak performance and I

like having the dedicated resources ok

so what is next so I just listed out

eight different categories of hosting so

what's next is I have a dedicated video

on each of these types of hosting coming

and I will link them in the video

description box down below so if you've

watched this video and you say hmm I'm

most interested in managed WordPress

hosting that has the highest performance

and that's going to be the one with out

cPanel and with a custom control panel

and so I have a dedicated video on that

where I'm gonna go over some of the

various companies and their pros and

cons of each of those companies to help

you choose one that is perfect for you

expect those eight videos linked in the

video description box down below and

then from those videos there will be an

individual review of the individual

hosting companies and kind of a video to

show you around the service to make it

that much easier to start using the

service and using it to its fullest a

lot of these web hosting services it's

hard to review from a longevity

standpoint but I can certainly use the

service and understand the control panel

do a review of that or review of the

sport support a review of the speed at

that moment a review of the spec

Elte at that moment and i can do all of

that so that's what those particular

videos are gonna be like I said if you

visit order new I've got the

uptime monitor right there and I've got

links to these individual reviews right

there as well just to make it as easy as

possible for you to choose the right web

hosting service for you you don't have

to just make the choice that someone is

suggesting to you I really want you to

understand the different types of

hosting so you can choose the right one

that meets your needs today tomorrow or

might be the next type of leveling up

which is a good thing right so you know

when your website is doing good getting

good traffic you might want to level up

and get higher performance so that's it

for me in this video I want to know what

you think in the comment section down

below any specific questions you have

about web hosting I'm glad I stuck to my

rule of no recommendations in this video

I hope you can take it at that face

value and so if you've appreciated that

or if you've learned anything in this

video consider giving it a thumbs up and

remember to subscribe and click on the

bell for notifications for future videos

like this hey I appreciate you spending

this time to meet with me today to make

sure you choose the right hosting that

meets your needs I can't wait to see you

in the next post thanks for reading.

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