Hi! My name is Sagar Randhavan and I am the founder of  HOW-TO-BLOG.IN.

I have experience in blogging and digital marketing for 2 years from 2017.

I started some online businesses and learned a lot that is worth sharing with my readers.

I welcome all of you to this blog HOW-TO-BLOG.IN to share the best part of my experiences and findings with you.

Purpose of this blog:

We will explain to you about blogging with the help of this blog. Will answer your questions, such as:
  • how to make a free blog or website?
  • how to start affiliate marketing?
  • how to create a quiz website?
  • how to approve Google Adsense Account and many other posts.

Our Commitment:

As a part of "HOW-TO-BLOG.IN", we are committed to providing high quality and authoritative information based on the facts and figures analyzed by various experts.

We have aimed here to create a platform where you will get our experience and best search from various sources.

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Author: Sagar Randhavan